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NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Stay In Bed And Smoke Weed For 70 Straight Days


We all get lazy from time to time and just want to quit everything, crawl back to bed under a layer of blankets and live there until we feel better. We might feel a bit guilty but a relaxing day in bed sounds awesome. Even though it’s a luxury which few of us can afford, at least we can all fantasize about it.

If you’re one of those who are in desperate need of some peace and relaxation, NASA might offer you the perfect opportunity to do so and get payed on top of it. But it may involve a bit more relaxation than you’re prepared for.

NASA has put out an ad looking for people who’re willing to take part in their “Rest Studies” – a study which will require participant to spend 70 straight days in bed, relaxing and smoking different types of cannabis, for which they will receive a salary of 18.000 USD. During the relaxation period participants are allowed to read books, play games, Skype and smoke weed. They can do whatever they want as long as it involves staying in bed, week after week, earning a cool 1200 USD per week.

So what is the exact purpose of these studies?

These studies have the purpose of figuring out the best way to preserve astronauts’ health and safety during periods of prolonged space travel. Complete rest and relaxation is the best way to stimulate zero gravity in space because zero gravity actually means zero weight or strain on your muscle. Additionally, they wanted to see how marijuana will affect the body in such an environment.

The Rest Study is a very convenient way to examine the changes our body endures during space travel.

This study is designed to achieve three core tasks:

  • Examining how the astronauts’ changing physiology in space could affect the process of certain missions.
  • Examining if the astronauts’ physiological state could affect their ability to perform in particular tasks.
  • Preparing countermeasures to combat any impairment that these physiological conditions may impose.

The study’s participants were divided into two groups: exercising and non-exercising.

The exercising group will have to exercise (on a specially designed equipment to maintain the laying down position and smoke cannabis), while the non-exercising group will just have to lie down and relax completely.

The entire study will last somewhere between 97 and 105, depending on whether you’re in the exercising or non-exercising group.

Once the study begins, during the initial 13 days (non-exercising subjects) and 21 days (exercising subjects) you can move around the bed rest area freely, in and out of bed. But once this period ends, for the next 70 days you’ll be forbidden from leaving your bed. For 70 days you’ll have to lie down, with your feet up, kick back and enjoy! You’ll get out of bed only for a few tests and nothing more. 70 days of complete lazing.

During the study, NASA will have to conduct bone, muscle and heart tests, as well as tests of your circulatory and nervous systems, your nutritional condition, and your body’s immunity system.

But is it worth it?

You may not think so at first, but spending two whole months in bed can be really excruciating. At some point you may feel like you can’t take it anymore but at least you can rest assured that your efforts will help in the advancement of human space travel.

This will probably be your only opportunity to say that you’ve actually helped send the first astronauts to Mars by just being your lazy self and doing nothing in particular but lying flat on your back.


  1. I am a professional. I do this all the time. I am the jack Nicklaus of this! Just give me an astronaut helmet and point me to the bed. I will get hungry though. i will have to order in pizza and the odd swarma. Going to need some brewskies too. Cant wait!

  2. I would love the opportunity to try resting for a while. Please sign me up, or send me information on how to sign up! Thank you for reading

  3. can I get the link so I can sign up.please and ty very much
    I don’t care if I have to exercise or erelax..either way

  4. Please email info on how I can sign up.
    My email is: ShaggyMacleay@gmail.com
    Thank you for letting us know about this great opportunity me and my friends always talk about doing this. This will be a real dream come true if I get selected.

  5. If I can’t leave the bed who’s gonna feed me weed makes you hungry, can’t smoke weed an not eat stomach cramps happen won’t be able to smoke be in pain from no food.but I would sign up, when do you receive the pay,every week while in program or wait until we done.

  6. I would like to try this , I no cannibus can help with seizurs I wouldn’t mind laying in bed doing this. Sign me up.

  7. Fake this whole company is bout ripping ya of and wasting time anybody with common sense could see that from there webpage selling fake j’s and addidas ask round

  8. How can my boyfriend sighn up. We need this money really bad please hesaid he would love to do this smoking and sleeping are his two favorite things to do

  9. Sign me up. I am very interested in space travel and would love to help with the advancement in sending humans to mars ect.

  10. I would be willing to try it if it helps in ur study I was always fascinated by space travel would love to do it some day

  11. Sign me up. How do i sign up. Im ready right now. I love rest and i love weed for sure. I need to lnow something asap!

  12. how and where so I sign up? I really don’t care much for the money but I will do it for the Love of Alien Grass!

  13. I’m definitely ready for this please email me the details for the sign up (really hoping this is not a hoax or some type of fake bullshit)

  14. Lol when I smoke weed I clean anything and everything. So I would not be good for this. And anyone who can smoke that much needs help. There no need. Money maybe high money but I would not be able to do this and can’t believe someone can. Weed my motivation on days I don’t wanna do anything. I probably smoke 6 times a month. Just saying. There people out there that blow there money to just get high and overs do it for other purposes.

  15. I would be more then welcome to help you and your company for this great opportunity. I’m Free pretty much 24/7 so I could easily stay in bed for you guys haha. Here’s my number in case anything happens. Thank you……


  16. for real how do i sign up i live in RI and have a medical card plus I work from home out of my bed anyway so yeah when do i sign up???

  17. You can filter people through those who left contact info. Anyway, I need a well deserved vacation and cannot think of a better way to do it while helping out a good cause.Time well spent. Theoriginalmangonutz@gmail.com Raymond Mears on Facebook Majestic Justice Google. Selah TGP

  18. This would help me in so many ways!!! But becoming a new grandmother of 2 6 months apart this would help me set something up for their future education. I would like more information please. Thank you.

  19. I’m just as interested as everyone else. I’m kinda surprised that I’m the only one yet to ask what about when needing to eliminate waste from my body lmao

  20. Sounds great, awesome pay, couldn’t do it. Nope even tho i like a lazy day here n there i could never just lay ina bed for over 2 months, cant stand up or strech out, would b soo bored after day 2 id never made it

  21. Sign me up please. I need an opportunity to give back to the genius of this world. For science !!!!!!

  22. So many others will want to do this just like I want to do this but the fact is would nasa really want just anyone to do this or would they pick someone who is fitter than most others like the usual astronauts they usually pick , I think they would want someone who hasn’t smoked before and has a total clean bill of health but yh ,, sign me up if you like cuz I got nothin to lose 😉

  23. Please text on the info in a text or voicemail i dont get good service where i live but could us a break from my busy everyday life and could use the money for my kids so maybe we can get a place of our own and have a place they can finally call home my number is 5736314452 thank u

  24. everyone always tells be I can’t make a living off of laying in bed and smoking weed all day but I guess they were wrong!😂