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Well Known YouTuber Sells All His Kicks Because of a Scammer


Youtuber (or shoetuber) Scoop208 recently fell under fire after a what turned out to be a massive scam storm. Scoop208 is sponsored by Detroitkicks.com and is also a supporter of Sneakerluv.com – both of which have had multiple complaints against them from user who claimed to have been scammed. Scoop208 defended Detroitkicks (who’s yelp reviews tell a different story) claiming that the retailer was “legit” and had only been overwhelmed by orders and could not fulfill them.

On the other hand, Brody trump – who owns sneakerluv.com, and is an admin of the Scoop208 sneaker group had also been running a pre-order/add to cart/bot scam of his own, and Scoop208 defended him, banning users from his group who called Trump out and even going as far as promoting Sneakerluv.com and Brody Trump on his youtube page which has well over 300k subscribers.

Just a few days ago Scoop208 decided to make a video acknowledging the scammers, but also saying he had “let his guard down” and “wasn’t on top of it”. Scoop goes on to say how he plans on paying people back out of his personal pocket and doing right by anyone who was caught up in any scam.

DISCLAIMER: Solexchange has no affiliation with any of the above mentioned parties. If you do decided to do business with them, do your research beforehand and proceed with caution.

UPDATE: Fellow Shoetuber Franchise Kicks Calls Bullshit on Scoop.


  1. This nigga said in the video in this post that he is going to sell his sneaker collection to pay back the people who got scammed. Then we see the nigga asking for money on GoFundMe.com to help pay the people back who got scammed?!?!?! NIGGA ARE YOU FUCKIN’ STUPID? How you gonna take accountability ON VIDEO and then go online and ask for money to help pay YOUR scam debt off? You must be some dumb mother fucker. #fuckscoop

  2. Scoop208 (Edward Lolley) literally fingered me and I don’t know how to tell him that I love him now. Scoop’s finger nails were not trimmed back and has caused some internal damage to my sphincter. It’s okay though, Scoop & I caused more damage to his subscribers then what he did to me internally.

    Brody and Scoop sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g.
    First came the scam
    Then came the blame
    No matter what Scoop and Brody have played the game on all of you suckers.