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Skater Destroys Vintage Air Jordans for Fun


Since its debut the Air Jordan 1 has been a favorite for just about everyone – that includes skaters, who in the late 80 gravitated towards the shoe thanks in part to its sturdy and light construction – a far cry from “skate shoes” of the day. Despite the history and the ton of inspiration Jordans have had on skate culture – the idea of ACTUALLY wearing of some jays to skate makes the hearts and heads of many sneaker-heads actually explode. Which is why pro skater Spencer Fujimoto is a hero.

In a new 30 minute short film (dubbed “The Search”) , the former pro went digging in his old storage for classic Jays – including “Banned” Air Jordan 1, “Black Cement” Air Jordan 3’s and “Grape” 5’s and proceeded to ollie and kickflip to his hearts content. In a short interview with The Hundreds Fujimoto speaks about his collection and drops some serious Suzuki style philosophical gems like “The collection doesn’t define me”.

Check out the Short film below.