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Retailer SnS Apologizes for Last Yeezy Drop in the Best Way Possible


Landing a pair of yeezys is no easy task. For sneakerheads it’s actually one of the hardest things to do. Aside from bots, countless others trying to get theirs and pairs being backdoored – landing a pair is nearly impossible. On any given day release day there are always more people complaining about taking that L than their are people showing off that paid invoice.

For retailers, it’s just as miserable. Launch days can mean massive lines, a ton of organization and hoping for your site to with stand the massive influx of traffic. For Stockholm-based SneakersnStuff the last yeezy release was a complete nightmare.

According to the retailer, they admittedly botched the last yeezy drop, which left some customers double charged for a pair of kicks they never even really had in the first place. Reportedly up to 20,000 people had been affected by the mishandled release, all of which SnS had to square away.

With the upcoming release of the Core Black/Core White Yeezy 350 v2 around the corner, SnS has taken it upon themselves to makeup for their prior mishap by opening their yeezy stock to 0,000 people that were affected by the botched release. While SNS doesn’t provide exact details as to how these 20,000 people can get their hands on a pair this time, the retailer will be reaching out to all of the affected parties. SNS does caution that while the pool of people allowed to cop this time is smaller, it doesn’t have 20,000 pairs so you’ll still need a little luck to cop.