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New App, ShuPlug Launches on iOS and Changes the Game for Sneakerheads


The first app made for sneakerheads, by sneakerheads from the ground up, ShuPlug for iOS stands out by offering sneaker boutiques (currently in LA and NY but expanding to other cities in the near future) that will verify condition and authenticity for buyers, a chat feature to allow buyers and sellers to communicate throughout the transaction process, the lowest consignment fee and a forum for sneaker freaks to stay current and discover the latest release dates.

The ShuPlug app is available to download immediately from iTunes here and allows free immediate access to an inventory of filled with the latest sneaker gems including Adidas Yeezys, classic Air Jordans, and other popular Nikes, amongst many other sneakers FOR KIDS, MEN, AND WOMEN. Get your sneaker collection started today!

Sneaker Reselling Transactions Simplified

  • ShuPlug takes an industry low 8% consignment fee
  • ShuPlug provides the fastest logistics in the market, partnering with FedEx to ensure a swift delivery within 72 hours
  • ShuPlug allows sellers to list their items as negotiable or non negotiable – equipped with a chat feature for easy negotiation
  • Customers interested in reselling can visit ShuPlug’s official partners to become a verified or referred seller
  • Buyers can see real photos for USED sneakers from resellers and stores
  • Easy checkout and delivery process for both the buyer and seller