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Kanye West Wears Unreleased adidas x Yeezy Sample Runners


Is Kanye West gearing up to Nike a RUN for their money with his adidas x Yeezy Runners? The shoes appear to be a sample that are rumored to include an entire athletic clothing line.

SOURCE WRITES: As previously reported upon, Kanye West was seen sporting new samples for his line that included a pullover hoodie, sweats and — most controversially — a runner-like pair of sneakers. Here, we have a clean shot of the shoe, courtesy of X17online. According to the photo, the sneaker appears to be highly technical, with asymmetrical upper panels, plenty of curvature lines and a high midsole. Details include a mismatched lateral and medial, neon laces and what could be an advanced cushion system, as the heel is significantly heightened. What is lacking however is any indication of BOOST technology, which would align with the separation from adidas in terms of production, but not necessarily ideation or R&D.

What do you think of the shoe? Is it too left field, or the next big thing? Leave your thoughts below.