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Guy Falls in Love with IG Fitness Model Only to Find out the Truth


This is a rough one. In today’s oversharing and digital age it’s easy to think you really know everything about a person – especially if that person is a very popular IG fitness model and blogger.

A 28 year old man was recently fell in love with a person by name of Carrol Brown – who was actually catfishing him and was using images of Courtney Wilshagh to lure the poor vulnerable man into working two jobs in order to buy her a diamond ring so that he could marry her.

The man, who is from India and wants to stay anonymous was added by Carrol Brown on facebook and the two hit it off right away and began speaking on a daily basis. “Carrol” – the catfisher was being very calculated using Courtney’s images to create scenarios to make the lie seem all the more real. Carol would always make excuses to not speak on the phone and after making the man upset Carrol eventually sent a voice recording – which is obviously computer generated to the man as an apology.

By mistake one day the man comes across the profile of Courtney Wilshagn and realized he had been catfished the entire time.The man reached out to Courtney who reported Carrols profile – which has since been removed. The man confronted his catfisher, but was quickly blocked on all sites.