Friday, March 24, 2017




SOLEXCHANGE OOOOH LA LA: Mindy Sittinpretty Med Student from Buffalo N.Y.

On a scale from 1 to 10, Mindy is an 11. This girl probably stops more cars, hearts, and NBA players than a southern...

HOT Mexican Weather Reporter Has SERIOUS Wardrobe Malfunction On Air

SOURCE WRITES: A CLIP of Mexican weather presenter Susana Almeida has gone viral after she displayed a little more than she intended during a...

Supreme BUSTED for Using STOCK Images on Latest Christmas Tee

Just earlier today fans of the streetwear giant lined the streets happy to cop the latest offerings from Supreme, including this one particular Christmas...

SOLEXCHANGE OOOOH LA LA: Model Sarah Macdonald

Incredible is just one way to describe Canadian goddess Sarah Macdonald. The IG all-star recently worked alongside Eames and shot for Skymagazine.

Today’s Best Chicks And Kicks Pics (13 Photos)

These ladies prove that the sneaker game isn't just the boys. Not only do they rock heat but they turn heads while they're doing...

Leicabeast Teams Up With “May” a.k.a. @_CINNYBUN_ on IG for Chicks in Kicks

Our favorite IG sneakerhead and photographer, @leicabeast has blessed us and the rest of the internet with another edition of chicks in Kicks. Working with...

Chinese Woman Pretending to Get Hit By Car To Get Money is HILARIOUS

I'm DEAD, this woman tried to get money by acting like she got hit by a car. You gotta watch this video. This is...

VIDEO: Police Officer Tasers 91 Year Old Man With Alzheimer’s

This story has been trending on Reddit for 3 days. A 91 year old man was tasered by police after refusing to go to...

Free Marijuana Will Be Handed Out On Trump’s Inauguration Day

SOURCE WRITES: WASHINGTON, D.C. — The inauguration is going to be lit, or at least that’s what one organization believes. The DC Cannabis Coalition says...

SOLEXCHANGE OOOOH LA LA: Instagram Model and Photographer Alyssa Sorto

Do you know Ms. Alyssa Sorto, a.k.a. Aly? If you don't you should get familiar with her REAL FAST! Her Instagram is BLOWING UP...

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