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Backdooring at Footlocker Exposed on Twitter


Backdooring, a lot like bots are very much the bane of existence for many a sneakerhead. While this problem is often seen with boutique style retailers – recently associates at big name retailers (like footlocker in this case) have been lying to customers, and backdooring pairs for some extra pocket cash.

Twiiter user (and hero) @Don_athon took to the internet for a bit of justice after filming some of the said backdoor transaction going down right in front of him. According to Don, he and many other customers where told that this specif location would NOT be receiving any pairs of the recently released Royal 1’s, while in fact they did. Don reached out to footlocker after posting the video via twitter and it seems like footlocker is not playing games, as they’ve launched a full investigation.

While this will probably not be the end of pairs being sold to preferred customers (who happen to have a little bit more pocket change) maybe Footlocker and other big box retailers will develop a new system to handle these larger drops.