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Air Jordan 11 Precious Metal by Artist Matt Senna


Matt Senna is an LA-based artist and art director who travels the world with his one-of-a-kind metal-cast Jordan’s.

SOURCE Writes: Los Angeles-based artist and art director Matt Senna has a strong bond with his sneakers, so much so that he turns them into works of art. And we’re not talking about the fully wearable customs that have flooded the sneaker world over the past half-decade either. Instead, Senna took a different route: casting Air Jordan retros in one-of-a-kind metal to turn them into statues that embody some of Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan’s most iconic creations.

Senna was inspired by his lifelong connection with the Air Jordan 11 and his reaction to seeing the special edition slide-out box when he was a kid paired with the incredibly different patent leather style on the silhouette. He didn’t start out casting the Air Jordan 11 first though, as he wanted to experiment with the Air Jordan 13 because as he puts it:

“I cast my black and red XIs first. They were, I think, the second pair that I did. I first made an experimental pair with the XIII, because I didn’t want to ruin my favorite shoe when I was messing around. And then I went to do my favorite. So I did the XI second. The natural flashiness of the patent leather translates really well to metallic. Even if it’s not a person’s favorite shoe, it resonates because it’s such a beautiful silhouette. In bronze or in metal, it looks different from all the others because of the sheen.”

You can see more of this Air Jordan 11 Precious Metal via the Air Jordan Blog and on Instagram.